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is what makes a good project great.


The level of success of a project is often determined by how soon the proper professionals are brought in to the loop.  Having the right people advising and offering ideas early on can pay huge dividends at the end of a project in the form of overall quality and satisfaction as well as cost control.

At Red, we have developed a process to lead our clients through the building process in a way that is understandable to them no matter what their prior experience with construction projects.  If you know your current building isnít working for you, but youíre not sure exactly what you need to do about it, our planning and programming services can help.



What problems can we solve for you?


Some of the planning services we offer:

Strategic Planning

Master Planning

Space Planning

Facility Programming

Feasibility Studies

Project Definition

Site Evaluation

Facility Financial Planning


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Project Development Diagram

Showing progression from need of air conditioning to master plan for campus