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is an element in all we do at Red.


But we take it beyond the architecture and planning disciplines.  Design for us is a way of life.  It can impact, for better or worse, every thing you do in a day.  From the desk you sit at or the keyboard you type on, the lights you see by and the hallways you walk in, design determines whether those experiences are good or bad.


Our philosophy of intelligent design tries to shape everyday objects and moments into pleasing experiences.  Visually, we try to add beauty to anything we work on, but intelligent design is much deeper than surface beauty, and it is more than merely making something functional.  It is about making something integrate naturally and seamlessly with its environment and intended purpose, and doing so in a way that is pleasing to the senses.


Our design capabilities go beyond buildings and master plans, we can and have designed interiors, furniture, housewares, even sculptural works.



What can we design for you?


Some of the design services we offer:

Conceptual Design

Interior Design

Furniture Design

Graphic Design

Product Design

Problem Solving

Design Charrette


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