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is more than just creating buildings at Red.


We believe in honest architecture.  We believe a building shouldn’t lie about how it is built.  It should be understandable to the eye and to the senses how it was put together.  The floor plan of a building should be intuitive.  You shouldn't have to find a key location in a building, it should be apparent.  Buildings should be nice to the environment.  They should be as mechanically efficient and use as many environmentally friendly products as possible. 


Our buildings are designed to become integral and active participants in the lives of their inhabitants.  They don’t just provide shelter, they help the people who live and work in them do whatever they do better.



Let one of our buildings work for you.




Some of the architectural services we offer:

Architectural Design

Concept Development

Bid Analysis

Construction Observation

Post Construction Review

Building Analysis

Fire and Life Safety Studies

Building Code Studies

ADA Evaluations

Storm and Fire Damage Analysis


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